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Experience peace of mind with Shanti

Safer routes and travel planning

Redefining Navigation

Shanti was designed thinking of your safety. Saving a couple of minutes shouldn't cost you so much that you put your own safety at risk. 

Our safety perception based navegation system allows you to move around the city without fear.

Turistas en México

Safer Navigation

New in town or just visiting?

No worries , our safety-based navigation app will help you move around the city in a safer way.

Meeting a friend and don´t know the area? No worries, we got you covered. 

Walk, cycle or use public transportation with confidence. We are you local guide. 


Find Points of Interest

Museums, hip areas and more

Don´t spend countles hours trying to find out how to find the best way to get to the museum you´ve been lookng forward to. Shanti helps you get there in a safer in a safer way. 

Wue also let you know when it´s time to leave in order to return safely. 

Receive Assistance

Access ou trusted network of businesses

When you are out and about, lots of things can happen, like your phone dying after taking so many cool pictures. No worries, a local bussiness in the Shanti network can assist you. 

It got dark and you need a place where to wait for your Uber? No worries, a Shanti local business is just around the corner and you can wait inside the shop.

Asistencía Shanti.jpg

Moving around the city was never easier

Explore with Shanti

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