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Safer Routes with

Shanti is a safety and community-based navigation platform. Plan your trip and discover safer routes.

On a city street



Street data that benefits all

Join our community, share data about the streets on your neighborhood, your route to work, wherever you are you can share useful street data. Your feedback can help not only build better routes but it can save lives. 

Are you new in town? We got you. We show you safer streets and areas to avoid.

Walk, use public transportation, we help you get there smoothly.


Redifining Navigation


Shanti was designed with your safety in mind. Saving a couple of minutes shouldn't cost so much to the point of putting your safety at risk. Our navigation system based on safety perception allows you to plan your trips and routes around the city without fear.

Developed by a team of experts in security, technology and data science. This solution was inspired by the constant frustration of ending up in risky situations simply by following Google Maps or Waze. We collect external data sources as well as proprietary information and using artificial intelligence algorithms we find better routes.

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Run your delivery route without fear


Get to your collection and delivery points safely

The route doesn't have to be a thriller! Find the routes that will take you to your destination with the least risk.

With your safety in mind, we will also let you know when it is time to return.

Food Delivery
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Access our network of 10,000 trusted businesses


When you are exploring many things can happen, like running out of battery. Don't worry, Shanti has a network of local businesses that can assist you.

It's getting late and you need a place where you can wait for your ride safely? No problem, a store from Shanti's trusted business network is very close to you and you can wait inside the establishment.


Getting around the city has never been easier

Get to your destination safer with Shanti.

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